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Hello, I am a photographer who specializes in male portraits, nudes and erotic images.

Since my early childhood I grew up surrounded by the atmosphere of beauty. It was in countryside where nature itself was amazing with its picturesque landscapes changing shapes and colors million times a year. Dark forests full of mysterious sounds and birds' singing, golden leaves falling down into the deep blue sky reflected in cold water, dazzling shine of snow-white fields, giant colorful carpets of early spring flowers - I keep it all in my memory until now.

And at home there were many books and albums on history of arts, painting, sculpture and architecture. I wasn’t forced to study them. It was my own wish and interest. So happened the first date with the great masterpieces of the world. And even now that I travel a lot and can see them not only in books my first impressions remain strong and bright.

I started drawing early and soon realized that my favorite subject was a man. The Great Ancients and Masters of the Renaissance depicted male body so ingeniously that it took the child's breath away. Soon the hours spent in copying it in my albums turned into creating something similar myself. As I was successful in drawing portraits my friends and schoolmates easily agreed to pose naked for me as well. So appeared my first models.

Years passed but that lust remained the same when my hands took a camera. Being an architect and a designer, experienced in video games developing and film production, I still keep on making male portraits, erotic images and nudes.


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